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We do not treat your pool to kill intruders, the chlorine and acid will normally do that.


The product derived from Borate, a natural mineral salts that is mined from the earth in Boron, California, is regulated by our industry which allows us to properly treat your pool to enhance Water quality and SAVE you Money!



Why treat your swimming pool or spa?


Maintaining the balance of swimming pool water has always been a delicate and never-ending task. Just consider all the factors that affect your pool: water temperature, air temperature, hours of sunlight, size of the pool, number of swimmers, and then all the chemicals to prevent algae, balance pH, clarify water, balance hardness, and yes more factors. Don’t forget the harsh odor and skin irritation.


When swimming pool and spa chemicals are out of balance, this pH range is critical because if the pool contains too much acid, the chlorine does not work well, and you will get red sore eyes, skin irritation, and slow dissolution of the concrete and granite as well as corrosion of any metal. If the pool is too alkaline, the chlorine flashes off fast, making it useless or making it really expensive to replace all the time, plus you get more scaling. Overall it will cost you more by adding more chemicals to balance! Not including your time to test the water and maintaining the task of :


Brushing the pool, and weekly adding two 3" stabilizing chlorine tablets, adding 1/3 of a gallon of acid, adding 1 ¼ gallons of liquid chlorine, plus running the pool pump for an average of nine hours per day .

What is Borates?


Borates are naturally occurring minerals that exist in trace amounts in rock, soil, water and all living things. Consequently, they have marginal environmental impact. Borates are also essential for plants, nutritionally important for people and key ingredients in fiberglass, glass, ceramics, detergents and fertilizers.

Our Service

We analyze the swimming pool size, check chemical balances, and assure the proper amount of Poolproof is applied.  We discuss with you the valuable savings by using this service and re-setting the swimming pools pump timer. We will also schedule a bi-annual check-up to assure its performance!  

We at Bug N You now offer PoolProof® 


This truly amazing product developed by Nisus Corporation , a leader in the pest control industry, has packaged a liquid pre-mixed micro-micellar borate emulsion that contains sodium hexaborate, a borate mineral salt. When properly administered will extend any swimming pool or spas chemical life, plus enhance the waters clarity. Will reduce the maintenance time of cleaning and the calibrating of chemical levels. PoolProof is already pH adjusted so there is no need to add large amounts of acid. Other products always require the addition of acid to bring the pool into balance, which is labor intensive and delays the use of the pool.

So ask yourself?


Do you want to save on chemical cost, reduce maintenance time, reduce pump electricity run time, maintain a stable pH balance, get a smooth silky skin feeling, and gain a beautiful crystal clear Key West / Tropical Bahamas sparkle to your swimming pool in just ONE APPLICATION?

Want to know more? Keep Reading!



The most Frequently asks questions?

Q: Will this affect my pool liner? 
A: No.  PoolProof is anti-corrosive; plastic, masonry, tile, cement, and fiberglass  are ok and will normally help reduce corrosion stains.  By buffering the pool correctly, it will also reduce the acid and alkali degradation and make pools last longer.


Q: Will it work with chlorine and other non-chlorine products?
A: It will work with all pool chemicals.


Q: Can PoolProof be used in saltwater pools?
A: Yes.  PoolProof helps buffer the pool and extends the life of the chlorine.  Since saltwater pool pumps have to run a lot to make chlorine, that is burnt off rapidly by the sunlight, you will not have to run the pump as much thus saving energy, lowering salt and less corrosion.


Q: How fast will the change take place in the pool after an application of PoolProof?
A: This depends on the size of the pool.  Normally, the change will happen within an hour or so, but always in the same day.


Q:  Is PoolProof safe?
A: PoolProof has a LD50 value of about 5000 mg per kg of body weight (a bit less toxic than table salt).  Will not irritant eyes and cause permanent eye damage like some other swimming pool products. Smooth and silky skin.


Q:  Can we swim right after applying PoolProof?
A:  Yes.  But if adding other chemicals prior or after application, be sure and be aware the label requirements of
other pool products and follow them.


Q:  Does PoolProof work on outdoor pools , indoor pools,  commercial pools, and Spas?
A:  Yes.


Q:  What’s done in a New Service Application?

A:  A Certified Technician will visually inspect your pool.  Measure swimming Pool Size. Is your pump and filter working properly?  Is the water relatively clean and visibly safe?  We will check the ph, stabilizer, and chlorine with test strips to make sure they are within in the recommended operational levels. We add PoolProof, the proper portion required.


Q: What is required thereafter?

A: Let swimming pool pump run that day and the next day adjust swimming pool timer to run half as normally set.  We will schedule a 6 month check-up. At that time we will test the water. If needed we add the required portion needed.  This will normally occurs when the pool is backwashed a lot or leaking. Just sit back, enjoy the beauty and Savings.


Q: How do I order?

A: Email us - info@allpestcontrolservices.com    /  Call us!

Think Green!

Will Save you Money!

Harmonizing your Swimming Pool and Spa

Let’s review the benefits to adding PoolProof to your swimming pool:

Clarity and Sparkle is guaranteed, giving your swimming pool a crystal clear tropical Bahamas sparkle. PoolProof dissolves instantly and changes the refractive index of the water resulting in light passing through the water. This subtle difference makes your swimming pool look brilliant instead of just clean.


pH balance of a swimming pool water can be affected by a number of factors, including geography, temperature, weather, and biological loading.  The swings in pH can require a constant adding of chemicals to bring the pH into balance.  PoolProof acts as a buffer solution which resists changes in pH , can remove hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions that are introduced into the water that cause the pH to change. It also reduces the eye irritation caused by hypoclorous acid formed by chlorine and reduces lime scale and corrosion.

Reduces pump running time when adding PoolProof to your swimming pool or spa. Because your water is harmonized there is less need for filtering.  The less time your pump runs means more money you save, reducing electrical usage and less wear and tear on your pump.

Extends the life of chemicals because sunlight tends to flash off many of the algaecides and sanitizers that are added to pools.  PoolProof reduces this chemical reaction and allowing chemicals to last longer in your swimming pool or spa.  Less chemicals added means even more savings to you!

Water is smooth and silky by the borate rejuvenating the layers of dry skin on your body and creates a smooth lotion feel on your skin.  Your skin will not feel dried out after leaving the water but will have a silky smooth feel. No more skin irritation!